Specialized Micro-sites

• Deliver Focused, Branded Communication to Support Ongoing Online Efforts
• Open New Pathways to your Organization Through Search Engine Supercharged Micro-Sites
• Build Product/Service Specialized Micro-Sites

SEO does not stop at your existing site.

Additional sites are often created to specifically target certain types of searches and audiences and to enhance your brands or services.

Generally, these are built from your current website content, requiring very little new content to be created.

Search engines often will see these Specialized Micro-Sites as very relevant and will place them higher in the appropriate results list.

Search engines key on these words, resulting in higher, more relevant placement of your new microsite.

Often, key enhancements can be made to a site without requiring a lengthy, and often costly, redesign effort to generate better search engine results.

We leverage our years of experience in Website design and SEO, at leading IT Development firms such as: USWeb, marchFIRST, Samyog Software and The Revere Group to provide solutions that are tailored specifically to your marketing goals and site objectives.

When you want greater search results and rankings, and your site is as optimized as possible, Specialized Micro-Sites become an excellent way to cut through the search engine clutter.

Developing small, optimized Websites that focus on specific products, services, or ideas wlll drive higher results for your network of sites with little to no impact on existing sites and campaigns.

Micro-Site development follow our standard website design process, just at a much shorter duration and more limited scope.

The focus of the effort is optimizing the site for high search engine results ranking, as opposed to an exceptionally rich-user experience. Since these Specialized Micro-Sites are designed to support larger, more compex Websites, We target the content and the code. The presentation layer is then applied based on current organization branding and existing marketing materials.

Domain Audit and Acquisition - We look at your domains and content and recommend additional Domain name purchases. Domains relevant to the content are often used in assigning relevance to a site. Additionally, branded campaigns can be turned into domains to help direct viewers to the Micro-Site.
Navigation, Design, Branding Element Optimization - It is important to include the key elements that communicate your message with having them get in the way of your rankings. We will create the proper navigational and design elements that will marry your current branding with best practices in SEO.
Modification of Underlying Code - The Behind-the-scenes information is where it all begins. We review your site code for standard optimization inclusions and then edit and enhance with meta data and our proprietary SEO techniques.

The benefit of Specialized Micro-Sites for your campaigns and sub-brands is that search engines will offer more links into your network.

When offering focused content for a specific communcation objective, you encourage search engines to list your site much higher in their results.

These additional, higher listings ultimately lead potential customers and audience members to your main web page.

Contact us today, use the links below, to widen your marketing efforts. Specialized Micro-sites are critical to a successful on-line marketing effort, and of course, your successful Organic SEO Campaign.