Site Redesign and Build

The single most important thing you can do to increase your web site traffic and get a return on investment is to increase your search engine ranking.

Did you know that web site design directly affects your Search Engine Rankings?

Many of the cool design techniques employed by visual web designers can actually prevent most search engines from properly indexing your site! Dynamically generated pages harm your chances for a preferred listing, and frames can often block search engine spiders totally!

What we can do for you during the
Site Redesign and Build:

Content & Design Enhancements to Existing Site(s) -

Your site is re-coded to make it more search engine friendly. This includes editing the code around images, text content, sitemaps, etc.

If warranted, a more thorough redesign/ realignment will be recommended.

It really depends on how your existing site was originally built. And how much attention was given to Information Architecture and navigation requirements.

We will generate a report to allow you to decide what steps will need to be taken to make your Web Sites On Line Marketing Strategy, a HUGE success.


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